How to remove RGP Lens (AT229)

How to remove RGP Lens (AT229)

Before you begin

  1. Prepare your tools for removing RGP lens such as a plunger, mirror, saline, lens case, solution.
  2. Always washing your hands with soap.
  3. Drying your hands with a lint-free towel or paper towel before touching the lenses.
  4. Remove your right lens first.

Removing with a plunger



  1. Wet the tip of a plunger with saline.
  2. Look straight ahead in the mirror.
  3. Open your upper eyelid, pinning back the lashes.
  4. Gently touch the plunger to the lower third of the lens and pull it away.

Removing without a plunger

Pull and blink

  1. Place the right index and middle finger in the outer corner of the right eyelid.
  2. While looking straight ahead, gently but firmly pull straight back making the edges of the eyelids tight against the eye.
  3. Blink hard and the lens will pop out. *You may feel more confortable looking straight down into the palm of your hand that when the lens come out you can catch it.

Fingers against the eye

  1. Look straight ahead in the mirror.
  2. Place your middle finger tight against the upper lid and forefinger of your other hand tight against your lower lid
  3. Gently pushing the fingers against the eye and move your fingers together and the lens will pop out.

If you lost the plunger

You can order the plunger  02-734-0911, 081-7344-552, Line : @drbirdcl or QR code below. The price of a plunger without hole is 300 baht per piece and a plunger with hole is 400 baht per piece. We can deliver you by express mail or motorcycle but customer will pay delivery fee.

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