Clear care solution

How to use Clear Care Solution?

– Use only with Clear Care tall case, come together with every bottle of Clear Care. Using other case to soak lens may unable to neutralize Hydrogen Peroxide, lead to eye pain when put lens on.

  • Please soak at least 6 hours. If not, must rinse with normal saline  several times before insert lens into the eye.
  • – Do not put the fresh solution directly into the eye. That will cause severe eye pain.
    – If notice leak solution during bubble. You can solve this problem by rinse lenses with normal saline before soaking.
    – Change solution daily even without wearing lens. Because of after 6 hours of soaking, there is no preservatives left in the case. Some germs left after soak may continue to grow.



Clear Care : Peroxide lens care solution from Alcon.

  • Clean + Disinfect lens
  • Store lens
  • Preservative free. After soak for 6 hours.

Some more “Hydrogen Peroxide” cleaning solution, as Clear Care


clean care

Sauflon One Step

Peroxi Clear

AO Sept

Clear Care solution can be used both with a soft contact lens and rigid contact lens (semi-hard, RGP, Scleral Lens, OK Lens, Hybrid Lens). Clear Care can kills bacteria, fungus,  amoeba, and also help to remove protein. After be used as instruction, liquid left is “preservative free” then more gentle to your eye, especially to those who are allergic to preservatives.

Difference between “Clear Care” and “Clear Care Plus”
– Clear Care Plus : has one more chemical added, compare with Clear Care. The chemical added is “Hydraglyde” Moisture Matrix which help to keep lens surface moist during wear. This may help to promote comfort for day time wear lens, but may not useful for night time wear lens.






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