How to clean foggy on contact lenses? (ATL021)

How to clean foggy on contact lenses? (ATL021)

For lenses that are suspected of being not good wettability. this may be due to things such as:

-New lenses.
-Newly polished lenses.
-lenses that have just been cleaned of protein with Progent(A,B).
-There is an accumulation of ripid/ oil stains on the lens surface (such as from cosmetics, lotions, protein produced by the body. Artificial tears that contain oil hand soap with moisturizer)


How to solutions

-Before inserting lenses, rub the lenses with lens cleaning solution (boston cleaner). or artificial tears for a while to make the lens surface more hydrophilic.
-Before inserting lenses into your eyes. Rinse your eyes with saline. To wash away dirt in the eyes
-If you use a suction cup to insert lenses. Wash the tip of the suction cup with dishwashing liquid/ soap. To wash off the ripid/ oil stains stuck at the tip of the suction cup.
-After inserting the lenses into the eyes. If you feel that there is foggy. Take artificial tears and drop them on a cotton bud. Then gently rub the center surface of the lens.


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