Cautions and contraindications of using RGP Lens.

Maintaining cleanliness in the OK Lens.

• Cut fingernails short, Especially the finger that using for insertion contact lenses and open eyelids. Because the long nails may scratch the eye.

• Wash your hands  thoroughly and remove any eye makeup before you touch your eye. Then dry your hands with a paper towel (clean, lint-free towel like a kitchen towel).

• If the lens are contacted another things that is not the eyes and fingers. For example

*** Dropped down under the table or touch your cheek/clothing. Consider that lens is dirty lens and have to clean with contact lens solution that can use with the eye. Do not forget to rinse the lens with normal saline before insertion.

Keeping lens must be careful that your lens are not scratched. If the overturn lens is dropped you can use a finger tap water, then tap the lens. The lens is attached finger up. But if the lens upside down then use contact lens plunger.

• If the lens is soaked more than 1 day you should change that contact lens solution.

• If you out of specific contact lens solution like CLEAR CARE. Instead, you can temporarily use soft contact lens solution.

Do not wear lenses if



• If the lens is damaged, chipped, broken. After remove contact lens and then noticed that the lens is defective. Do not insert lens because the lens can cause eyes injury. Should call to order a new lens.

• If the contact lens solution runs out or forgot to soaked in disinfectant solution. ***Do not soak the lenses in tap water, drinking water, normal saline etc., because there are no disinfectant agents. Soak in temporarily solutions instead of CLEAR CARE.

• Conjunctivitis or pick eye, Eye irritation, Eye pain, Eye inflammation, Watery eyes, Green eyes discharge.


Contact lens case: After lens is inserted, Pour the solution out of case then clean and keep it dry.


Contact plunger: After using, rinse thoroughly and keep dry. The plunger should be changed at least once a year. If plunger got black or any colour. That can be caused by bacteria or fungi. So you should change the new one immediately.


Useful to know

• Do not keep contact lenses case in the bathroom or nearly area. Due to each toilet flushing have a ton of small water droplets spread out. Then bacteria may be attached to contact lens case or plunger.

• If you have not used the lens for a long time. Advise to keep the lens dry. First of all clean your lens thoroughly then dry and store it in the case without contact lens solution. So soak lens again before reuse.

• Order contact lens solution or plunger >> Line @drbirdcl so can be posted or motorbike.The costumer must pay the shipping costs. (online money transfer : TMB 217-268-1195 Vuthipong Puengpipat) If you have any questions, Can consult your Doctor Bird Line : @drbirdcl at any time. Do not hesitate

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